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Watercolor Journeys with J. Carolyn Liedtke.

122 pages, written and profusely illustrated by J. Carolyn Liedtke.

Take a journey with Carolyn as she draws and paints at home and abroad. For artists, beginners and advanced, young and old.

When Grandma Was Four Years Old, by Grandma Carolyn.

If you would like to make your own picture book, relating some incident in your early life for your children or grandchildren to read, I can help--with your photographs and my drawings.

Here Comes Liza, by Grandma Carolyn.

Most grandmas like to teach their children things when they come to visit, but these days grandmas could learn a thing or two from their grandchildren!

For 3-6 year olds.

Eric’s Magic Hat, by Grandma Carolyn.

Eric had a hat, and when he wore it he could talk about anything, but when he took it off, he couldn’t think of anything to say. For 2-4 year olds, just learning to talk.

The Cocoon, by J. Carolyn Liedtke.

It’s hard for Michael to make friends at a new school, but finding a cocoon helps him, and he learns a bit about science along the way. Ages 5-8.

Silly Rhymes for Bedtimes, by J. Carolyn Liedtke

We all know rhymes like

Diddle, diddle dumpling, my son John went to bed with his stockings on, etc. These are updated versions that kids will enjoy learning and repeating.

At the Alphabet Zoo, by J. Carolyn Liedtke.

Eric and Liza went to the zoo, and what did they see? Animals for each letter of the alphabet, A to Z.

Helps teach alphabet, identify animals, actions, and sounds of letters to 3-7 year olds..

Susie’s Secret, by Aunt Carolyn.

Susie has a present for her mother, but it’s a secret. Mom tries to guess what it is, but Susie won’t tell her. On the last page, there’s a space to fill in a picture of the gift. Helps young readers identify things to eat, wear, use.

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