Landscapes with Wildlife

The  Country Life


There is plenty of wildlife in rural Wisconsin; but it stays well hidden unless Jock rousts them from their hiding places. He is a very good tracker, and will dig a chipmunk out of his burrow --even if it means destroying my clematis vine!

The scenes below were painted on location, for the most part. Because the critters seldom stick around, they were added later. I paint the wildlife as part of my landscapes..

If you are interested in purchasing an original landscape with wildlife, please E-mail or telephone 920-648-7816 to view at my studio/gallery. The original watercolors are $399-$499 plus mat and frame.

Cranes in Flood Plain - 14x11 - Watercolor

This scene was painted from my neighbor’s deck when the creek flooded; cranes often visited.

Coyote Hunting - 11x14 - Watercolor

Farmers track coyotes after a fresh snowfall. Will they find this one or is he too wily?

Foxes along Rock Creek - 12x16 - Watercolor.

Their coats have started to turn red again, although the snow is still around. The complimentary color scheme is a favorite of mine.

Thief in the Night - 20x15 - Watercolor   My neighbor has problems with chicken thieves--maybe like this little rascal, maybe with my Border collie..

Deer Family - 12x16” watercolor

This watercolor was created “on location” by using a diorama of deer at the Field Museum of Natural History as models. They stand real still when they’re stuffed.

Pheasants Along Rock Creek - 10x13 - Watercolor

Ringnecks are so brightly colored-, but it’s hard to see them in tall grass unless they stick their necks out for a look-see.

Gray Heron over Rock Creek - 15x20 - Watercolor

I saw this giant bird flying along like a huge, silent bat one day and had to capture the vision in a painting. That’s what I mean by a “moment in time.”

White Herons - 15x22

Saw this pair every morning until late autumn. Guess they found fish in the creek.

Squirrels Along the Bark River - 10x13 - Watercolor

Looking for acorns, I suppose, and not even noticing me painting.

<—Raccoons at Rock Creek, River Otters at Rock Creek —> each is 10x12 - Watercolor.

Both were painted on location with the critters added.

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Horicon Flyway - 14x11 —>

This painting was completed from a digital picture displayed on my laptop as a demonstration of painting en plein air without going outside.

Morning Browse - 12x16 - Watercolor

Misty mornings in early spring bring the hungry deer out, looking for the first tender green grass.

Wolves in Snow - 12x14 - Watercolor

Painted trees from window overlooking back yard. Used photos and my dogs as models for the critters.