Painting people and pets


Through the years, I have sketched and painted many portraits of my four sons. Occasionally, I do a watercolor, oil, or pastel portrait on commission. I like to paint children and pets, working from sketches (hopefully when the subject is reasonably at rest) and photographs alone if there is no chance of personal contact with the subject.

   I am no Rembrandt. You will have to judge for yourself by looking at these samples of my portraiture.

    As to cost, an 11x14 watercolor or pastel portrait can be completed for around $499, plus matting and framing. An oil portrait would start at $699 for an 11x14 canvas, plus frame. If interested, you can contact me via e-mail: carolyn@keyartworks.com, or by telephone: 920-648-7816.

   (NOTE: If you want to see how old you look, try a self-portrait, looking into a magnifying mirror.)


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Ethan, Pastel

Eric - Watercolor above, playing viola, Pastel on right.

Ernie With Guitar - Watercolor

Mary and Frank




Johnny - Watercolor

Bubbles - Watercolor

Luvvy - Watercolor

Tony - Watercolor

Tony - Pastel



Liza - Watercolor above, playing recorder.