Floral, Still Life Paintings

In the Garden


  I spend most of each summer either painting or working in my garden. Both activities are similarly creative--plan the painting/garden, use good techniques/plant, weed and water; don’t lose sight of the finished product/harvest; and then try to figure out what to do with all that I have produced.

   These paintings are available as original watercolors or, if sold, as archival prints. The cost of the originals includes presentation mat, $399-$499. The prints are approximately 8x10, matted to fit an 11x14 frame but unframed, and  cost $59 + postage if not picked up). Contact me via e-mail: carolyn@keyartworks.com or view at my studio/gallery at N7244 Manske Road,, Lake Mills, Wisconsin 53551.

If you purchase an original floral painting, I will include a set of eight notecards with the same painting and matching envelopes as a gift.

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Basket and Blossoms - 14x11, Original watercolor - SOLD

Phlox and Delphiniums (left) - 16x12, Original watercolor.

Painting cannot do justice to the amazing show of both phlox and delphiniums that come up for me each year.

Sunflowers a la Vincent (right) - 16x12, Original watercolor .

Composition borrowed from Van Gogh, sunflowers from my garden.

Lilacs in the Window - 14x11, Original watercolor.

If I live forever and a day, I’ll remember the scent of lilacs in May.

Tulips in Blue Vase - 14x11, Original watercolor.

I have to plant a few new tulips each year to replace the ones the bunnies dig up.

Poppies and Daisies - 14x11, Original watercolor.

Another composition borrowed from Van Gogh.

Iris in Pottery - 14x11, Original watercolor.

Can there ever be prettier colors than displayed by the Iris each spring?

Patriotic Wildflowers - 14x11, Original watercolor.

Red day lilies, blue cornflowers and white Queen Anne’s lace all blooming in early July.

Classic Roses - 14x11, Original watercolor - Some years, the roses are spectacular. Other years, well, there’s no such thing as a mediocre rose.

Plethora of Mums - 14x11, Original watercolor.

I buy cheap vases at St. Vinnies each fall, and collect the mums before frost gets ‘em all.

Trillium and Violets - 10x10, Original watercolor. SOLD

When it seems there’s nothing but bog to see, up come the trillium, one, two, three.

Ginestre in the Window - 14x12, Original watercolor - NFS

Italian ginestre sends its sweet perfume everywhere throughout the room.

Chiante, Anyone? - 12x9, Original watercolor.

When the flowers are gone, I find other subject matter.

Autumn Harvest - 11x14, Original watercolor.

This particular still life won 2nd prize in an Illinois Watercolor Society exhibition.

Heavy-headed - 10x13 - Original watercolor.

2012 was a bad year for the garden--drought took over and despite watering, many plants just dried up. I was able to use the few surviving sunflowers as a reference for the color of the others.

Rambling Rose - 10x13 - Original watercolor.

Even my hardy rose bushes suffered from the drought, although the weeds growing within the thorny stems survived. Too hot and thorny to pull weeds, so I just gave up and painted them out of the picture.